Wedding Cakes bring good luck to the couple and their guests. Cut together and shared by the bride and groom first, both offering each other a slice, it symbolizes how each one will take care of the other, sweetness in the relationship, fertility and abundance for the couple.

It is then shared with the guests, both as a token of appreciation for coming to the special day and also to share with family and friends the good luck wished by all.

TOPS Catering has a large selection of Wedding Cakes
to choose from. We offer classic designs that can come
in elegant white or, with colors that are based on the
overall color motif of the wedding, to themed cakes that
suit the particular theme of the event. From Chiffon to
Fondant selections with several moist and delicious
flavors. You may have them in any layer or number. Prices
for our Chiffon Cakes are 2 layers P2,500, 3 layers P3,500,
Mini Cake P250, while Fondant Cake prices depends on the
size and design.

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Philippine wedding cakes